Blue Mountain RR
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Our local railroad in Walla Walla is the

Palouse River Coulee City.




The Blue Mountain is apparently under new management. I am told they will now be pooling locomotives in the area so we might be seeing some different engines in the area.



BMRRyard.jpg (86338 bytes)

PCC's yard.

The PCC runs from Wallula Jct. (exchanges with BNFS & UP there) to Walla Walla. From
here it runs north to Dayton Wa. From Walla Walla it also runs south through Milton Freewater to
Weston Or. All of this is ex-UP lines. They also operate over what little ex-BN line is still in
Walla Walla out to the east end of town to the John Deere dealer.
At one time the line from the south end of Wallula Jct. heading to Walla Walla was jointly
owned by BN & UP to Zanger Jct.
At this point UP came into Walla Walla and BN went south into Oregon. The BN
portion to the south has since been removed.